About – Something Special

EcoEye NZ is based in Napier.  It was started by James Powrie in 2007 to show
taihaperdtussockguests the real New Zealand.  James has worked in the forestry, agriculture and science industries for over 30 years.  He has explored most of New Zealand in his work and in search of animals, fish and adventures.  He makes it his pleasure to show you NZ in a way no one else can.

Limited edition tours for a total of 50 days per year.

EcoEye NZ aims to offer unique tours for groups, families or individuals who have special interests and want to experience New Zealand as fully as they can.  

HB RiverTours will match your interests and deliver unique memories of New Zealand.  They are researched and planned to take you to special places and meet talented people of interest to you.  We will also view the finest New Zealand scenery. Hosting includes specialists, farmers and native New Zealanders.  James has worked with guests from all over the world to offer the best possible experiences.

fishing boat

Our mission – to give you memories of New Zealand and New Zealanders that you will treasure.