Precision Agriculture

Precision Agriculture allows farmers and other land users to maprogressivefarmer (2)ke more informed decisions and to allocate resources more effectively.

Spatial data from tractor GPS can allow farmers to save fuel, agrochemical, water and fertilizer and traffic their soil less.  While growing more food, more profitably.

Microtopography, can be changed to improve drainage or water storage with a minimum or cost and earth moved.

Satellite imagery can provide a view of farm soils and crops which can assist with better farming if used intelligently.   Some bandwidths allow farmers to detect issues before they are visible to the eye.  When combined with yield data and local knowledge, there is considerable power in this.

challengeropouTo understand first principles of Precision Agriculture you may like to read this article – Make more money by mapping your farm.

To see GPS guided strip tillage in Hawkes Bay NZ, visit Hugh and Sharon Ritchie’s award winning farm via Youtube here – Less Fuel, More Worms

Or Controlled Traffic Farming in Pukekohe with Simon Wilcox here – Controlled Traffic Farming in Vegetables Part One.

For more advanced examples and for information on available services see –

James Powrie offers Precision Ag services and imagery via and farm nutrient budgets using OVERSEER.  Talk to him to see how you might make more of your farm, through use of the Precision Agriculture cycle:  Data gathering – Integration – Intelligence – Action.

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