Tour Options


Guests have enjoyed the Wood and Wire, Boulders and Bones Tour  – it is a slice of NZ life.   You will visit forests, farms, rivers and lakes, study New Zealand natural history, maori culture and earth science.  You will see views no one else sees, taste some wine if you like, and meet some surprising characters.

Tour itineraries can also be built on the following themes:

  • Agriculture – cropping, precision agriculture and pastoral
  • Forestry – forest operations, genetics, harvesting and processing and port operations
  • Wine production and tastings
  • Industrial and Innovation
  • Science – earth science, biological or birding tours
  • Engineering – hydro electric dams, alpine roading, post-earthquake reconstruction of Christchurch
  • Academic and sabbaticals
  • Photographic extravaganzas

It is your tour, so tell us what you want to see!